The Crisis Management Network

When faced with a risk or crisis situation, the key challenge for any business or organisation is to anticipate thoroughly and react rapidly, effectively and accurately towards all its relevant stakeholders. If you operate internationally, you must also be ready to deal with cross-border implications, and the consequence of these on different national markets.

The way in which you handle a crisis has a direct impact on both your corporate and brand reputation – and ultimately your business performance. The response often involves transnational crisis communication, which must look beyond borders while respecting the specifics of local markets.

The Crisis Management Network (CMN) offers the tools and expertise to help you develop a rapid, effective and targeted response to a crisis, wherever and whenever it may occur. We can also help you to optimise your preparedness and communication capabilities, thereby minimising the likelihood that issues and incidents evolve into a full-blown crisis - or helping you to mitigate the damage when they do unavoidably occur.

With CMN partners all over the world, and in-depth knowledge of the markets in which we operate, we can swiftly mobilise our network to respond to any sensitive situation.

Beyond the network’s crisis management credentials, the CMN partners have broad business management expertise and excellent knowledge of all key corporate communication disciplines – effectively guaranteeing the strategic quality of our support, in and near the boardroom.